q: What is Assisted Living?
Assisted Living provides a unique living environment that is tailored to the needs of the individual. In an assisted living setting, more independence and freedom is allowed according to the level of care needed for each resident.

Residents are also allowed day/weekend visits with family member per policy of the individual community.

However, assisted living is quite different from “skilled nursing” or a “nursing home”. Assisted living is not required to provide a 24 hour registered nurse around the clock nor does assisted living provide one-on-one care. Although a registered nurse is not required, most assisted living homes do staff a part-time registered nurse. Other nursing and aide staff are provided 24 hours per day.

Assisted living is staffed at a minimum according to state regulations and may be viewed on the DHSR website.
q: What Services are and are not covered in the room and board rates?
a: Services included in the basic room and board rate are:
• Laundry
• Housekeeping
• Three nutritious meals and three snacks per day
• Healthcare and medication management
• A wide variety of activities
• Scheduling and transport to and from local medical appointments

Services, costs and fees not covered by the basic rates are:
• 24 hour registered nurse or 24 hour one-on-one care
• Durable medical equipment
• Other medical supplies
• Prescription costs
• Dry cleaning costs
• Salon service fees
• Transportation to appointments other than medical needs
• Activities other than those scheduled by the activities department
• Other incurred debt such as credit, insurance and phones
q: How do I know if my family member qualifies for assisted living?
Assisted living offers a wide range of services and levels of care. It is best to discuss assisted living with your physician to be certain if assisted living is right for you or your loved one.
q: How are assisted living rates paid? How do I get information on state assistance?
According to the policies of the individual company, assisted living is paid for either privately by the individual or family or by state/federal assistance. You may contact the local Department of Social Services to get more information on how to qualify for state/federal assistance.

DSS (Department of Social Services)
Camden County 252-331-4787   Currituck County 252-232-3083
Dare County 252-457-5500   Gates County 252-357-0075
Pasquotank County 252-338-2126   Perquimans County 252-426-7373
q: What is a Special Care Unit or Alzheimer's Unit?
A special care or Alzheimer's unit is a secure area located within the community that provides a safer, more closely monitored environment for our residents with progressed dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Staffing ratios are higher as these individuals require more supervision and assistance. In addition, the area is locked to prevent residents from wandering out of the building or into areas that may be unsafe.

If you believe your loved one may need special care, it is best to consult with their physician to determine which level of care is necessary. Each community also sets its own policies regarding assessment of residents for special care units. After consulting with the physician, it may be necessary to set up an appointment to talk with the Administrator or Special Care Director for more information.
q: Are pets allowed in assisted living?
Each company has its own policy regarding pets in their community. Waterbrooke currently does not accept pets but will allow “service” dogs such as seeing-eye dogs or dogs which detect seizures. A pet deposit must be made. The owner must either present insurance or ensure vet bills will be covered as well as have an account set up for grooming costs of the dog.
q: Are visitors allowed over night?
Visitors are allowed over night in extenuating healthcare circumstances and are evaluated on an individual basis.
q: Are residents allowed to leave assisted living for visits with family/friends?
Yes, residents are allowed to leave for outings with family/friends after notifying staff signing out, and giving approximate time of return. It is required that staff be given a 48 hours notice if resident is going for an overnight visit, weekend or holiday. This allows time to ensure enough medication is stocked for the visit.
q: What is Respite Care? Is Respite Care available?
Respite care is care of an individual on a short-term basis (less than 30 days). This may be utilized if a family is caring for a loved one at home and needs short term assistance with care. Examples include if the family is going on vacation, another family member is unable to care for the individual for a healthcare reason, a break from care is necessary or a variety of other reasons.

Respite care is available according to room availability. Respite care is contracted at a 10-day minimum.
q: What are the staff qualifications? Is there a full time Registered Nurse on duty?
All staff are CPR certified. We utilize certified Medication Technicians, certified nurse aides, and personal care assistants 24/7.

Our direct care staff in our SCU are required to attend a 120-hour Alzheimer's/Dementia training program.

We are not required by state regulation to employ a full time registered nurse. However, Waterbrooke does employ a registered nurse 20-25 hours per week for oversight, training and assessments.

Our Special Care Director is a certified nursing assistant, certified med tech, and certified pharmacy technician.

Our Resident Care Director is a certified nursing assistant, certified med tech, and is a clinical social worker.

Our administrator is a registered pharmacist.
q: What do residents do day-to-day?
A variety of activities are offered daily. We currently provide over 200 hours per month of activities for our residents. We offer large group, small group and individual activities. We offer several memory stimulation activities daily.
q: Can physical therapy be done in assisted living?
a: Yes, physical therapy can be done in assisted living three days per week.
q: Does Waterbrooke offer any “in-house” medical services?
Yes. We have an in-house physician and psychiatrist. We contract with Albemarle Hospital for labs and blood work to be drawn in house. Also, we utilize services of Albemarle Home Care and Hospice for therapy, wound care and hospice care in-house.
q: What forms/documents are required for placement?
a: 1) FL-2 filled out and signed by the physician checking “Domicillary Placement”
2) Documentation of a current (within 30 days) TB Skin Test
3) PASRR assessment (regulation as of March 1, 2013)

Available on-line at www.ncmust.com or a blank document may be picked up at Waterbrooke for the physician to fill out.
Waterbrooke is a proud member of the Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB).
Waterbrooke is a proud member of the Elizabeth City Area Chamber of Commerce.
Alzheimer's Foundation of America
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