With our growing senior population, we choose to grow and change with the times. We don't view ourselves as a "facility". This term reminds us of a sterile, rigid environment. Instead we are a "community". Community means we live socially and develop relationships. Waterbrooke is a place where we live, work and interact together. We communicate with each other and strive to help each resident feel comfortable and at home.

While establishing and building relationships, we realize that each person develops likes and dislikes with certain activities and hobbies. Each individual has different talents. In order to keep our residents mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, we offer a wide array of activities. For those extroverts, we provide plenty of group activities. For those who are more introverted, we offer one-on-one activities or smaller group activities in a quieter setting.

Socialization, activity and stimulation have been proven to decrease and prevent depression.

Some of our activities include, but are not limited to:
board games Bingo Jenga
Bible study current events taste testing
bowling corn hole crafts
Dominoes checkers coffee klatch
text twists Trivia Mountain "Remembering" Games
bean bag toss brain teasers social circle
Jeopardy cooking classes zumba
exercise Family Feud birthday parties
Butter Bean Auction - our most popular activity  
**Resident Council Meetings
Meetings – Meetings where residents can share what they like and dislike about the community.

Many health conditions may create situations in which independent living is simply no longer safe. Although many families attempt to care for loved ones at home, there are circumstances and health conditions that may create an unsafe situation or the care becomes more than a family care giver can manage on a day to day, hour to hour basis. We meet with families to determine what levels of assistance and special needs are required and which issues are of greatest concern. We discuss and plan of care, assess medications and diagnoses, and determine what realistic goals we should have. Our nursing staff assesses each resident upon admission to assist in determining how our services can be most valuable to each individual and family. As the need for more care arises, we re-assess. Our goal is to assist each resident in remaining as "independent" as possible, while providing a safe and secure environment 24 hours a day.
Community Involvement

We believe it is important for our residents to be as active and independent as possible. In addition, we encourage our surrounding community to participate in our events and activities. Many church groups, businesses, and organizations such as the Elizabeth City Chamber of Commerce and the SPCA join our staff and families regularly in keeping our home active and lively. We enjoy monthly visits from our animal friends at the SPCA. The Chamber of Commerce members have worked with us to develop an Adopt-A-Senior program which ensures that every resident gets to experience the joy of the Christmas Holiday Season by receiving gifts during our Annual Christmas Party.

Our residents enjoy outings to local shopping centers, movies, restaurants, the museum and other community events.

We realize how much our community truly cares for our residents and in turn, we have assisted in providing food for our local homeless mission and a local women and children's shelter. Our dietary staff worked diligently to prepare meals and deliver them, often volunteering their time. Our housekeeping department has assisted with cleaning supplies and toiletries for the shelters as well.

We no longer fit into the stereotypical mold of a "nursing home" or "facility", WE ARE A COMMUNITY!

The Difference
Our ability to care for a multitude of various health conditions makes us unique. We offer a wide scope of care, not just to those geriatrics who need little to no help but also to those requiring extensive assistance. We continue to grow and change as our resident’s needs change. We continue to train our staff in specialty areas and work with local agencies such as home health and hospice to provide the best possible care. In addition to providing supervision, support and assistance to those who are capable of carrying out most activities of daily living (ADLs), we accommodate those residents requiring secured hoyer lifts, geri-chairs, special wound care, and also have a dedicated hospice room. We provide care to all stages (early, middle and late) and levels of Alzheimer's residents as well as those residents suffering from other types of dementia.

Our administrative staff does not enter the assisted living industry with business or administrative backgrounds but have been set apart because of extensive experience in healthcare prior to becoming a part of this wonderful assisted living community. For this reason, expectations of quality care as well as proactive measures for care are of utmost importance to Waterbrooke.
Waterbrooke is a proud member of the Professional Association of Businesses (PAOB).
Waterbrooke is a proud member of the Elizabeth City Area Chamber of Commerce.
Alzheimer's Foundation of America
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